‘Pokken Tournament’ Keeps Looking Better and Better

Pokken Tournament

I’ve brought up Pokken Tournament before, and to this day I still have not received any donations to send me to Japan to play it. I guess everybody is too busy donating to the production of a water bottle that reminds you that you need to drink water, because apparently thinking, “I’m thirsty, maybe I should have a drink” takes too much effort now.


I guess I’ll drink. But only because the phone said so.

But whatever, I have come to accept your lack of support and will settle for watching on the sidelines, hoping that Pokken Tournament makes its way to the U.S., but knowing it probably won’t. I will let this knowledge eat away at what passes for my soul until the game is released and I become a shell of myself, blankly staring at video of gameplay, the longing to play the only thing I will be capable of feeling.

You know why this will happen? Because the opening cinematic for the arcade game was released and shit is it looking tight.

Yeah, I know it’s just a cinematic and not actual gameplay. I know the actual fights don’t look that fluid or polished. It still makes my insides all tingly. They’re actually battling during Pokemon battles, and that’s all I’ve really cared about since they announced the game. It’s due to be released Thursday, and since I won’t be there you’ll be able to find me at home playing Pokémon Blue after taking copious amounts of drugs to see if that will recreate the feel of Pokken Tournament.



Tim Gaydos

Author: Tim Gaydos

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