20 Great Ways to Spend Your Leap Second


At 8 p.m. ET tonight, we will be experiencing an exciting leap into the future! That’s right, in order to properly align Earth’s rotation with the atomic clock, we will be leaping forward a second in time into a world of limitless possibilities.

So to get the most out of your leap second, we have provided you with 20 of the best ways to spend it.

You can:

1. Engage in an extra lovemaking session with your wife.

2. Count the number of times you’ve felt happy.

3. Watch all of the worthwhile moments in Entourage.

4. Kiss another dude because lol, why not, it’s a holiday and only a second.

5. Steal money, murder an enemy, anything! All crime is legal for this time period.

6. Read all of the well-constructed political and religious social media opinions on the Internet.

7. Hold your breath!

8. Pretend you’re anywhere but where you are; pretend you’re anyone but you. Escape the torture of being you.

9. Type the subject line to an email.

10. Try to think of one thing that has gone right in your life.

11. Consider filling out one of those unambiguous personality quizzes on Facebook.

12. Listen to your favorite Creed song, with time to spare!

13. Put yourself in the mind of a Juggalo.

14. Lick a booger; after all, you’ve always wanted to try it as an adult.

15. Care about something.

16. Cry softly.

17. Stick your finger in a weird place.

18. Scream with as much force as you can. Scream so loud it hurts beyond repair. Scream like you’re watching a machete coming down on your head.

19. Save up all of your fortitude and listen to your girlfriend talk about her day.

20. Fart.



The Robot Butt Staff

Author: The Robot Butt Staff

We're the Robot Butt staff, hired right after the experiment of typewriting monkeys went horribly wrong.

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