The Morning Compute: America Did a Very Good Thing

The Morning Compute


  • Of course, not everything is going well in the country. What exactly is going on in New Hampshire? According to a recent CNN poll, 29% of voters in the state believe that Donald Trump would be the best presidential candidate to handle the economy. Jeb Bush was in second at 13% nobody else was above 7%. With all of this talk surrounding the Confederate flag and its relation to the Civil War, would it just be possible to make New Hampshire secede from the United States? (CNN).
  • The west side of Cleveland, Ohio is in the midst of a nudity epidemic these days. First, it was that couple that was caught driving naked and eating pizza. Now the city of Lakewood is attempting to hunt down a man who stripped naked in a construction zone and disappeared while making his way to the lakefront. (WKYC)
  • You know, I kind of liked the Atlanta Hawks’ jerseys. Could they use some tinkering? Sure, but overall they didn’t look too bad. Maybe just a slight little redesign would do them some goo – OH THERE IS NO GOD. (SB Nation)
  • There is something oddly satisfying about actors tearing apart their objectively bad movie choices, so you’ll thoroughly enjoy Channing Tatum napalm his involvement in the G.I. Joe movies, turds that live now only to fester away on TBS. (ScreenCrush)
  • If you’re mad horny for the new season of The X-Files like I am, then a look at this massive and mysterious new hangar being built in Area 51 will really get you going. (Jalopnik)
  • And to get your Friday started right, perhaps while you celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, here is the music video for Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba”:



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