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What Can I Expect to Learn About Kim Kardashian From This Article?

A more pertinent question you might want to ask is this: “What won’t I learn about Kim Kardashian from this article?”

The answer?


There is absolutely nothing you won’t learn about Kim Kardashian from this article, and that includes all aspects of her life. By the time this article is done, you will cower in fear at how much you know about Kim Kardashian. You will beg to your god for the knowledge to stop, and you will fear it is too much to handle.

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Make sure you are prepared, because once you discover everything about Kim Kardashian, you are going to feel every emotion at once, including:

1. Relief in knowing that you finally know everything there is to Kim Kardashian

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3. Pride from the realization that you are a better person than everyone else around you

4. Indignation for wasting so much of your life not knowing these things

5. Anticipation for the next stage of your life as a Kim Kardashian expert

Do not ask why the world cares so much about Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian or any other members of the Kardashain/Jenner family. That is not a thought that should cross your mind. If you do think such a thing, keep it to yourself. It is not a thought you should be spreading. You are but a vessel for unlimited Kardashian knowledge to pass through, and it goes against everything God intended for you to question it.

But What Should I Do With All of This Kim Kardashian Knowledge?

Now this is a good question. Go forth and spread your Kim Kardashian knowledge. Share it with your friends, family and anyone else who is less fortunate than you to not be so well-versed in all things related to Kim Kardashian.

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It will be your job to reward others.

This is all the Kim Kardashian information we can give you right now. Come back next week for Part II of our coverage and to continue your journey.



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