25 Great Dad Things

Father and son playing catch

1. Dad jokes

2. Dad strength

3. Mowing the lawn

4. Coaching baseball

5. Extremely large historical non-fiction books

6. Tucked-in shirts

7. Sports knowledge

8. Owning a grill

9. Socks and sandals

10. Lounge chairs

11. Arguing with customer service representatives

12. Sleeping upright

13. Clip-on sunglasses

14. Incredibly large white socks

15. Nicknames for children’s friends

16. Self-treatment of injuries

17. Cigars

18. Adjustable caps

19. Nondescript white athletic shoes

20. Staunch political beliefs

21. The Eagles

22. Making small talk with waiters and waitresses

23. Email chains

24. Shorts above the knee

25. Shoulder pain



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