100 Words Or Less: On National Doughnut Day


As if there were any day where Americans weren’t already downing two at a time, today is National Doughnut Day, where we celebrate everyone’s favorite morning dessert. We have a lot of these national days for trivial things, don’t we? National Doughnut Day, National Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s almost as if we need to distract ourselves from the cruel and crushing realization that nothing matters. To keep us distracted from the cavernous hole within our souls. A hole that can only be filled by donuts. Which reminds me – let’s all go to Dunkin’ Donuts!



Tim Gaydos

Author: Tim Gaydos

Tim is a contributor for Robot Butt and is not hosting a parasitic xenomorph inside him, so just don't worry about it, ok? You can disagree with his opinions on Twitter @timthinksthings.

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