12 Things Kyle Korver Would Definitely Run Away From

Kyle Korver

In Game 1 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday Night, the Atlanta Hawks’ Kyle Korver had the opportunity to make a huge stop late in the fourth quarter, as his team was desperately trying to make a comeback. As the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James made his move to the middle of the lane for a thunderous, Earth-shattering dunk, only Korver could possibly stop him. He could take the charge and really fire up the home crowd. He could poke the ball away and lead a fast break that would put the Hawks within two points. Hell, he could even maybe possibly block the shot somehow.

He had the chance to be a hero.

None of those things happened. Instead, Korver went the other way like he was a glitch in a video game.

Here, you can watch it happen from a billion different angles:

And now, after witnessing that kind of display, it’s obvious there are so many other things in life that Kyle Korver would run away from. Here are 12 of them:

1. His past demons

2. Unpaid parking tickets

3. An ex he sees walking down the street, even though she definitely saw him

4. A coat hanging on a mop that, in the corner of a dark room, looks like a pretty scary monster

5. His vegetables

6. A spider in the shower, or even a small clump of hair that looks like a spider

7. Various degrees of loud noises

8. Aggressive mall kiosk salespeople

9. Big dogs

10. His responsibilities and chores

11. Home when thingsĀ get tough

12. The truth



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