The Mortal Enemies of ‘Destiny’ Work Together, So We Can, Too

A new meaning to House of wolves.

Being the strict nerd that I am, I was one of the many people to download the newest expansion for Destiny – entitled House of Wolves – on May 19 (the day it came out, of course).

Obligatory: If you don’t know what Destiny is, read the Wikipedia article, dummy!

Now that you’re back, we can continue.

Immediately after work, I headed home just as quickly as I could in order to play this new expansion, something my friends and I had been looking forward to for a month. Destiny got a little tedious, and the hope was that this new expansion would be just the shot in the arm that it needed.

House of Wolves is really fun and the new mechanics are great. The story was cool and we had a great time playing, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

We noticed something while playing the game. During one of the several new missions, we came across a skirmish happening between two of the game’s NPC factions, the Hive and the Fallen. When we entered the area in which they were fighting, all of the enemies immediately turned to us and began to fire – almost like they set down their differences to work together against a common enemy.

So with that in mind, I ask: What the hell is Congress doing?

If two groups, engaged in interplanetary warfare for who knows how long (I’m guessing a really long time, longer than Congress has been a thing), can set aside their qualms and work together, than where is the cooperation in our own government? In Congress, they wouldn’t even call each other enemies, let alone engage in destructive, all-encompassing warfare with each other – that’s what we have developing countries for!

Now that I think about it, this sort of thing has been prevalent in Destiny all along. Throughout several missions, you’ll come across enemies fighting each other, but they always stand united when it comes to decimating the Guardians (player characters). Maybe with all this talk of running for president, from various people of all shapes and such, our collective consciousness was open to receiving the Destiny message of peace. Maybe it has been there since the beginning. Maybe…it was inside of us.

I’ll end this little op-ed with an outwardly desperate plea to the people who run this country. Let’s put aside our differences for a little while to focus on our own Guardians and true, lasting change that can make this world better. Focus on world peace, ending hunger, at least slowing climate change, making the world more equal. Decimate these issues like only a level 34 Fallen Captain would. Harshly.

Also, the Fallen are the Democrats and the Hive are the Republicans in my mind. Make of that what you will.



B. Joseph Jackson

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