The Weekend in Pop Culture: Some Very Mad Men

Mad Men

Hope you guys had plenty of scotch at the ready, because last night we said a boozy farewell to Mad Men, the acclaimed period drama about identity theft that everyone is cool with because when you are pretty like Jon Hamm you can be forgiven for anything. After seven seasons of examining ’60s-era sexism, excess and sideburns, Matt Weiner and his staff finally brought the series to a close in a way that I’m sure will divide fans because thanks to the magic of the Internet, it is now impossible not to do that.

Personally, I think it was a fine finale that brought all of the characters to a place of closure. And even though I think it would have been ten times better if the last lines were Draper introducing himself as Dick Whitman, Weiner never thought to give me a call, so whatever, I guess. At least it did leave open the possibility of a Joan Harris: A Woman Producer?!?! spin-off series, which you know AMC would be all over because they’re out of ideas.

"So the spin-off will be 'Fear Of The Walking Dead.'  And then we can do 'Love Of The Walking Dead' followed by 'Ambivalence Of The Walking Dead!'"

“So the spin-off will be ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ And then we can do ‘Love of the Walking Dead’ followed by ‘Ambivalence of the Walking Dead!'”

But Mad Men wasn’t the only mad thing going on over the weekend, as Mad Max: Fury Road opened up in cinemas. Essentially a two-hour-long car chase, it is basically the anti- Avengers. There is no elaborate history required to enjoy it (despite being the fourth film in the franchise) and there is a deliberate restraint on the use of CGI. The movie would rather spend its money blowing up real cars, and it’s AWESOME. Diesel engines, explosions, swaying poles on moving vehicles that fling combatants to and fro, a guitar that is ALSO A FLAMETHROWER. It’s everything you would want from a high-octane action movie.

"Play Freebird!  Freeeebiiiiird!"


Well, unless you’re a men’s rights activist, because then the movie is nothing but filthy feminist propaganda and men everywhere will be tricked into seeing it. Because explosions and non-stop action isn’t fun if you’re also expected to accept that women are people, too, and not just property. That’s just ridiculous. Keep your radical message of not treating women like sex slaves out of our movies, Hollywood!


Men’s rights activists: Siding with post-apocalyptic dictators everywhere.

I’m sure the MRAs will take solace in the fact that Fury Road did not take the number-one spot at the box office. Despite making a respectable (especially for an R-rated movie) $44 million, Pitch Perfect 2 brought in $70 million to reign supreme. Americans are really into acapella now, assuming it involves Anna Kendrick. Otherwise, they still couldn’t give a shit. It’s basically like curling, where every few years it’s SO COOL and then we completely forget it’s a thing.

I guess it’s as good a time as any for a peppy soundtrack to lift your spirits, though, because the toy store from Big is closing down and your childhood is officially dead. Enjoy the week!



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