Robot Butt Endorses Hillary Clinton for President in 2016

Hillary Clinton

Oh helllllll yeah, this is the big ticket we’ve been waiting for.

The worst-kept secret in the political world (except maybe that her marriage isn’t just a public front) is finally out in the open: Hillary Clinton is making another run at the White House. She’s got her sights set on the Oval Office, and short of joining ISIS, we at Robot Butt believe she’s going to get there.

Just look at the dumpster fire that is her Republican competition. Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Marco Rubio? Please. We doubt those guys could ever pull themselves away from smelling the sweat between their testicles and thighs after a long, hot summer day, let alone run the entire country.

Hillary Clinton means business (you saw her in that room watching Osama bin Laden get captured), and since we already knocked out the goal of an African-American President, we should follow that right up with a woman. COME GET SOME, WORLD.

For these reasons and billions more, Robot Butt is officially endorsing Clinton for President of the United States in 2016.


The Robot Butt Staff

Author: The Robot Butt Staff

We're the Robot Butt staff, hired right after the experiment of typewriting monkeys went horribly wrong.

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