Robot Butt Endorses Paul for President in 2016

Rand and Ron Paul for President

Editor’s Note: Ron and Rand Paul are two different people. Please rewrite this before publishing.

Previously, we threw our hat into the political ring by endorsing the late, great Ted Cruz. That has all changed now that Congressman Senator Ron Rand Paul has entered the ring. We have thrown it around the office, and we’ve decided that we’re endorsing Ron Rand Paul for President of the United States of America. POTUS!

Congressman Senator Ron Rand Paul is a man of principles; principles that haven’t weakened in his long tenured career. As a former presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party, As a Senator for the Republican Party, he has shown that he will not change his political affiliations just to gain more support.

His views on the Federal Reserve, the war on drugs (he’s down with the chron), and the military-industrial complex certainly fall in line with ours. Basically, Paul is cool with whatever, as long as it increases liberty. We like liberty.

Not only does Congressman Senator Paul have an illustrious political career, he can write too! His mind is sharp. He thinks about the big questions and topics that most politicians won’t even attempt to cover. Liberty, freedom, prosperity, wealth – all topics that a normal politician would do anything to avoid. Congressman Senator Ron Rand Paul tackles them head first, pummels them into submission, and then hog-ties them up while screaming “THE FED IS TOO BIG.” Now he’s turned his attention to the presidential election in 2016. He’s coming for you, America.

Robot Butt endorses Ron Rand Paul for POTUS 2016!


The Robot Butt Staff

Author: The Robot Butt Staff

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