Motorist Sentenced to 30 Seconds Punitive Honking

Dupont Circle Traffic

WASHINGTON, DC – An out-of-state driver was sentenced to 30 seconds of punitive honking by fellow motorists this morning following a last-second lane switch in the Dupont Circle area of northwest Washington, DC. In an attempt to continue northbound on Connecticut Avenue, the driver, 36-year-old Charlie Brock of Indiana, mistakenly ventured into the inner circle of the roundabout, resulting in a near collision as he attempted to correct the mistake. After a historically quick deliberation, a panel of nine nearby drivers ruled that Brock would be publicly shamed with exemplary damages in the form of car horn honks lasting not more than 30 seconds. Following the sentencing, Brock shamefacedly raised his right hand and offered an apologetic wave.


Robot Butt News Corp.

Author: Robot Butt News Corp.

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