Pixar Promises a “Darker, Edgier” Direction for ‘Toy Story 5’

Toy Story 5 Storyboard

EMERYVILLE, Calif. – As Toy Story 4 continues its march to production, Pixar announced Tuesday that it already had plans for a fifth movie in the beloved series, slated to be released in 2020.

“We’re going for more of a romantic comedy feel in the fourth movie,” director and Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter said. “So we felt it was best creatively to take Toy Story 5 in a much different direction for the fifth installment.”

Aiming for a hard R rating, Toy Story 5 will certainly reach into much edgier territory never before seen in the series, or any Pixar film for that matter. After obtaining a leaked copy of the currently in-the-works script, we do know that the movie will take a major time leap forward to Bonnie Anderson’s first year in college. For sentimental reasons, and unlike Andy, she brings her favorite childhood toys to display on her dorm room desk, a symbol of home for a girl who is truly out on her own for the first time.

But when she begins dating a member of one of the school’s fraternities, a boy named Asher, the toys are forced to witness a variety of physical and verbal abuses directed at Bonnie. She’s left scared and unsure what to do, even as she learns that many other girls have been victims of the men at Theta house. Unable to see the abuse go any further, the toys hatch a plan to exact revenge on Bonnie’s boyfriend and the rest of his frat brothers.

“We want our film to demonstrate that no appalling deed will go unpunished in society,” Lasseter said. “We feel that Woody and the gang make the perfect vessels for exacting righteous vengeance upon the evil that walks the Earth.”

In one particularly brutal scene, Buzz Lightyear and Woody utilize Slinky Dog to dispose of a frat brother who was known for assaulting numerous unsuspecting women at parties and terrorizing local business owners through vandalization and threats.

Toy Story 5 Storyboard

And as more and more of the frat members are gruesomely murdered – or simply go missing – the police are left with no substantial evidence and no leads for a possible killer. Undeterred, the Theta house attempts to conduct its business as usual, a slap in the face of the retribution being dished out all around them.

The toys do not plan to let such an affront go unpunished, evidenced by the script’s following scene involving Asher’s best friend, Xander:

Toy Story 5 Leaked Script
Toy Story 5 Leaked Script

But there is still one loose end: Asher, who by some stroke of luck isn’t at the house when Xander and the rest of the frat is poisoned, as he’s still traveling back from a weekend on his father’s yacht. The toys know this, choosing to bide their time. And in the climax of the film, the toys finally get a hold of Asher, the last remaining member of the Theta house. Though he begs for mercy, Buzz ensures that the group realizes its final goal.

Toy Story 5 Storyboard

Bonnie is initially conflicted and confused about the death of her boyfriend, but further time jumps show that she soon gets over him, focuses on her studies and meets a charming man on her way to becoming a very successful teacher. The toys continue to watch over Bonnie with pride, finding immense satisfaction in becoming a group of mercenaries who operate with vicious efficiency.

“I grew up loving action films as much as I did cartoons,” Lasseter said. “I get the same high watching blood get spilled in every frame of a movie as I do watching delightful stories involving talking inanimate objects and animals. Why not simply combine the two elements with some of our most beloved characters?”

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