Michael Keaton Ready to Suit Up for ‘Birdman 2’


LOS ANGELES, Calif. – In a press conference today, actor Michael Keaton said he’s ready to jump back into the role of Birdman and can’t wait to see what director Alejandro Iñárritu has in store for Birdman 2, the sequel to the Oscar-winning movie.

“I really like in this first one how we explored a lot of Riggan’s origin story,” Keaton said. “But in part two we’re going to have to up the action quota and really dig into the rogues gallery. I’ve been thinking up some villains, like Cat-Scratch and Laughman. Maybe some sorta dinosaur guy, I don’t know. Alejandro will figure it out.”

Pressed for further ideas about the proposed film, Keaton would only respond with “I’m Birdman.”


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