The 10 Richest Billionaires Under 5

Baby Businessman

1. Brandon’s got a take-charge attitude when it comes to Legos. He also has a trust fund worth 516 full dinosaur skeletons.



2. Muriel here could buy and sell your ass 200,000 times!



3. Just think, little Miles will one day be part of a worldwide financial conspiracy you can neither comprehend nor destroy.



4. Tomiko’s learning her numbers, ABC’s and, slowly but surely, that poor people don’t work hard enough.



5. Uh oh, Kevin looks upset. I bet that $19.3 billion will help!



6. Ronald’s just having fun right now but in twenty years he’ll be eyeing up southeast Asia for its viable sweatshop infrastructure.



7. Don’t think Madison is above using offshore bank accounts and tax havens. She’s not!



8. Katie’s gonna hold the controlling interest in ExxonMobil any day now.



9. Brian will later recreate this picture in adulthood, swapping out the balls with pure Colombian cocaine.



10. The Buffett brothers are coming for your pension.



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