John Mayer’s Six Sexy Valentine’s Day Tips

John Mayer Sexy Tips

John Mayer – Musician, Dreamer, Relationship Advice Expert

Earlier this week we received an unsolicited Valentine’s Day submission from musician, John Mayer:

Hey fans! It’s me, Johnny-boy, dropping by with a soft-yet-masculine helping hand for those of you in need of some classy and unique ideas for making this Valentine’s Day as special as the person you’re spending it with. So throw out the roses and cancel those reservations, because Daddy Mayer has got you covered:

  • Learn to play acoustic guitar and serenade your partner with the timeless classic “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” or just buy it now on Amazon .
  • Rent a boat and take your date out for a private night on the water, then turn on this romantic Spotify playlist featuring tunes by yours truly.
  • Get your partner’s motor purring by purchasing them a copy of my newest album “Paradise Valley”, now available on iTunes.
  • If you’re without a date, just check out my Twitter account for some great pick-up lines under 140 characters that are guaren-fuckin’-teed to land you in a wonderland tonight.
  • Try cooking a nice meal, lighting some candles, and putting on a slideshow of dreamy candids from my Facebook page.
  • For more ideas, check out the John Mayer Official Webpage, I think you all would really dig it.

Until next time folks, remember “When you show me love/I don’t need your words/Yeah love ain’t a thing/Love is a verb.” Mayer out.




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