Couple to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Big Blow-Out Fight

The Happy Couple

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Watch out Cupid, Vicki Barnes and Jerry Gaskin of Sacramento won’t be needing any of your love arrows this weekend. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, couples around the county are coming up with romantic plans. But Vicki and Jerry have been planning something extra special this year.

On Saturday, don’t look for these two lovebirds out on a moonlit stroll or even at a fancy restaurant. This year they plan on staying in with a big homemade meal, a few bottles of wine, and a gigantic fight that will leave both of them questioning their relationship, their self-worth and how they somehow wasted the last 5 years of their lives.

“Sure, we fight all the time,” said a visibly excited Vicki, “sometimes up to 6 times a week, and once even 4 times in one night. But this year we’ve been saving up for one really big, really dramatic blow out argument.”

But Vicki isn’t the only one excited for the evening. Jerry is looking forward to their special day too. “I’ve been putting aside a couple extra things that annoy me every week to save up for this big night. It won’t be anything too fancy, but it’ll still be special for us.”

“I haven’t told Vicki yet since I want it to be a surprise, but this year I’m thinking of starting the fight right in the middle of dinner so maybe we can throw some plates at a wall, or even smash a wine glass on the floor,” he added.

The two have long been known for their creativity when it comes to finding topics to fight about, but this Valentine’s Day, Jerry plans on kicking things up a notch.

“Lots of people have fights about money, or lack of passion,” said Jerry, “but this year I figured I’d splurge and fight about our inability to have kids.”

Vicki and Jerry’s relationship is proof that for some, Valentine’s Day still means something.



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