Desperate Man Makes Hail Mary Google Search

Hail Mary Google Search

CLEVELAND – Early this morning, Brad Pittman found himself caught up in a frantic email chain at work with fellow employee and noted cinephile, Mark Townes. As Mark made one hilarious reference after another, Pittman knew it was his time to shine when someone mentioned Dishwalla’s early ’90s hit, “Counting Blue Cars.” Frantically trying to remember what film the song appeared in, Pittman took a breath, said a quick prayer, and typed out everything he could remember about the movie: movie, boy, sleeps in yard, loves girl, summer. 

Seconds seemed to flow like days as he slowly hit the Enter key. Then, with a quick flash of the screen, Pittman witnessed a miracle. Not only had his search found results, but they had brought his answer to the very top of the screen.

With a relieved sigh, Pittman responded to the email chain in time and was rewarded with a laughing emoji as a response.



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