Super Bowl XLIX Credits From University of Phoenix Stadium Won’t Transfer to Other Seasons

University of Phoenix Stadium

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Telling reporters that the University of Phoenix Stadium was a “reasonable and affordable place to host the Super Bowl,” commissioner Roger Goodell went on to reveal that Super Bowl credits from the stadium unfortunately wouldn’t be able to transfer to other NFL seasons, due to some “messy accreditation issues.”

Though any Super Bowl Win Credits will have to be discarded at the close of the season, commissioner Goodell assured players and fans that the the stadium’s “compensation programs and practices were in compliance with the applicable legal requirements.”

“The credits may not transfer, but winning players will still receive a commemorative ring,” Goodell said. “And we’re even setting up an online forum where players can stay in touch with each other after the game is over.”

The press conference closed with an assurance that there was no shame in have a Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium and a reminder that loans were still being offered at reasonable interest rates for any fans planning on buying tickets to the game.


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