Oculus Rift Will Include ‘Most Dangerous Game’ as Launch Title

Oculus Rift

IRVINE, Calif. – Though still in development stages, the makers of the virtual reality gaming console Oculus Rift have announced that a video game adaptation of “The Most Dangerous Game” will be among its launch titles upon release. Unlike other game offerings, The Most Dangerous Game will incorporate augmented reality, projecting the backdrops of the game over your actual surroundings.

Oculus Rift Launch Game

concept art for The Most Dangerous Game

“It’s really exciting,” said Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey. “It offers a whole new way to play with your friends, because it will literally be your friends in the game.”

Based off the famous short story by Richard Connell, players will find themselves hunting down other people for sport. Rather than everything being a digital creation, objects in your physical environment will be incorporated into the game.

“Specifically the people,” added Luckey. “I cannot stress enough that these will be real people.”

Beta testing has begun in the Oculus VR offices, and in an unrelated story, the company is now hiring for a number of positions, as its staff has unexpectedly been reduced by 43%.



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