Excellent Rap Lyrics, Volume VII: God Talks to Big Sean

Big Sean

God spoke to many people throughout the Bible, perhaps most notably to Moses or Noah. But the Lord continues to make his voice heard to people today, using us as the vessels for spreading his everlasting messages.

Apparently, Big Sean is one of the lucky ones who has managed to hear God’s voice and he raps about it in his song “Guap.”

Here is what God had to tell him:

I give it up to God, and he always replies/

“Control yo hoes, you let her talk to you crazy/

You got baby mama drama, you ain’t even got you no baby!”

Strong, powerful words from the creator of the universe. While Big Sean should certainly be thankful that God not only spoke to him, but offered essential advice, this is just one of the many elements of our world that can put a person in an inescapable existential funk. If God truly loved us, why does he allow suffering in the world? Why is there so much pain, violence and evil permeating throughout our society? And if God truly loved us, why would he make hoes so hard to control in the first place?

The easy answer is that God is testing our faith. But the harder explanation dives deep into God’s own existence, that perhaps we truly know nothing of what lies beyond the world in which we current live. These are the questions that will forever consume humanity. These are the answers we must seek in another life – we aren’t meant to understand any of this here. But with Big Sean’s “Guap,” we are reminded that there does appear to be some sort of force out there – whether it’s what we call God or something else entirely – and it’s here to help. For that, we should be thankful.


Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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