Dr. Cliff Huxtable Breaks Silence on Bill Cosby Allegations

Cliff Huxtable

NEW YORK CITY – After remaining silent for weeks following a string of sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, Dr. Cliff Huxtable spoke of the matter at a press conference today.

“I find the whole situation troubling,” Dr. Huxtable said. “With the drugging and the drinking and the predatory behavior.”

Dr. Huxtable, a noted physician and respected member of the black community, says he remained silent for so long hoping “neeeeeewwwww information” would come to light. In recent days, however, he’s come to accept the wealth of accusations.

“Bill and I were close, you see, about as close as two people could be. So I just couldn’t believe it at first,” Huxtable said. “But it really seeeeeeems that he sexually assaulted those women. Me and my wife Clair are disgusted by the whole affair, you know.”

When asked if Bill Cosby had reached out to him in the preceding weeks, Dr. Huxtable said, “Noooo, the maaaan has not.”

At press time, Dr. Huxtable was seen making a silly face with his lips pressed tightly together, eyes rolled back, and tears streaming down his cheeks.



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