Link-Sharing Protocol, Version 6.0: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is as Atrocious as Ever

The Big Bang Theory Cast

The continued dominance of The Big Bang Theory remains a mystery for the most part. There are certainly plenty of viable theories as to how it stays such a massive success (its presence on CBS and constant exposure to old geezers who have no idea that other channels exist or are too lazy to change it to something else, the generally bad taste of American audiences, etc.), but they all still feel impossible when you actually attempt to watch an episode of the show. For those of us who despise The Big Bang Theory with every fiber of our being, this Salon article about it is like porn.

China had the right idea in banning it.

  • The pairing of Jerry Seinfeld and Wale may come off initially as a surprise, but Wale has always utilized Seinfeld references in his work (you’d be wise to check out his mixtapes The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing, along with the outro on The Gifted) and the two have an entertaining rapport. For Complex, they got together and talked a little about everything, including Wale’s upcoming The Album About Nothing, which better feature some sound clips of Frank Costanza.
  • By now you might have heard about the man who is going to be eaten alive by an anaconda for television. It’s an amazing idea, but of course, it’s been completely ruined by the fact that he’s really not going to be fully eaten at all.
  • Apparently, you’re going to need a diaper to see the Avatar sequels whenever they finally come out. According to James Cameron, the sequels will make you “shit yourself with your mouth wide open.” You have to respect the industry for continuously trying to find new ways to entertain audiences, and pants-shitting sounds a whole lot better than just plain old 3D.
  • If you’ve always thought that Tiger Woods was irritating, then you’re in luck. Here he is acting like a complete chode in response to a very blatantly satirical article written about him. It’s part of Derek Jeter’s new venture, The Players’ Tribune, which hasn’t produced anything remotely interesting until now.
  • It’s winter, and it’s going to get icy, so you’ll inevitably fall at some point. But don’t “hag it up in some dykey Gore-Tex waffle-stompers” – let Reductress give you some sexy ways to fall on the ice this winter.
  • Black Friday may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at how Radio Shack is dying the most painfully slow public death anyone has ever seen. How it has managed to stay in business this long is something that will be studied for centuries, long after we have all left this planet. But for now, read some insights into how Radio Shack does business thanks to Jon Bois over at SB Nation.
  • So Jaden and Willow Smith recently said some utterly insane things for an interview with T Magazine, a publication no one knows anything about other than its apparent ability to coax the most absurd answers out of people. It seems likely that these kids are just messing with us, which would be great, because it would be terrible to think that Will Smith is actually raising his children like this.
  • Sure, Jurassic World and Star Wars: Whatever the Hell Its Subtitle Is, It Doesn’t Matter are coming out next year, but Get Hard remains the movie I’m most interested in seeing in 2015 (not really, but you get the idea). I want to see if I can finally really like a Kevin Hart movie. The guy has real talent, but it sure doesn’t feel like it’s translating all that well to movies – you know, despite all the box office success he has.
  • The Porn Dad had a great Thanksgiving.

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