Coworker Continues to Tell Uncomfortable Cyber Monday Jokes

Thomas Yeckley in Suit

Pictured: Thomas Yeckley on his company bio page. 

DES MOINES, Iowa – In what has become a yearly tradition, Thomas Yeckley, an account manager at a local marketing agency, once again made a number of off-color and uncomfortable Cyber Monday jokes to his coworkers.

Yeckley was found in the morning hovering around the entrance to the kitchen area where the coffee maker is located, telling his jokes to anyone within earshot.

“Don’t bother me today Traci,” he was overheard saying. “I’ve got a lot of cybering to get done. You get it.”

Later in the afternoon, Yeckley utilized the inter-office messaging service to continuously ask coworkers for their a/s/l, followed by a series of winking emoticons that followed no discernible pattern in their usage. However, as the day wore on, Yeckley did incorporate the emoticon of a face wearing sunglasses more frequently.

Despite repeated attempts by employees to get Yeckley to refrain from making any and all cyber sex references, the 28-year-old is determined to press on in his yearly pursuit to develop fresh material about the shopping holiday.

“There are so many people here who love what I bring to the table on Cyber Monday,” Yeckley said. “It’s not my problem if you think my takes on life are too hot.”

Yeckley’s boss and the company’s CEO, Gregory Hutchinson, did not echo those sentiments.

“It’s really a terrible tragedy for us that he’s the absolute best in the industry at generating in-depth reports and recommendations on site architecture,” he said.

Yeckley was later escorted off the premises after sending an errant tweet from the company Twitter account that was intended to be from his own personal account. It read, “Cyber Monday, eh? Blow your load at work responsibly today! 8-)”



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