Stock Image Sunday Presents: A Crumbling Relationship

Husband and Wife

“Why won’t she just eat the fruit?” Jake asked himself after a third unsuccessful attempt to playfully feed his girlfriend, Amanda. “She’s making me look like a fucking doofus at the park.”

Amanda only recently found out about Jake cheating on her, but he in fact did not yet know he was caught. To him, Amanda was simply being difficult, a tremendous pill ruining such a bright, sun-drenched day. More misguided self-assurance that what he was doing supposedly behind her back was somehow justified. But to Amanda, this was the beginning of a long process that was meant to tear Jake apart mentally and emotionally. She would eventually leave him, yes, but not before destroying him from the inside.

So each time he would attempt to spoon-feed her raspberries, a fruit she despised anyway, she would throw her head back almost in ecstasy, true bliss in the wake of the moment. Jake, of course, would have no idea what Amanda’s true motives were. He would simply hold the spoon, waiting for her to take his offering, his fake public display of affection. But Amanda wouldn’t relent, knowing it would tear him up inside to be unable to manufacture such a moment for others to see. This was just one of Jake’s many unstable desires that made him at his best a man with quirks, at worst a chilling and manipulative maniac.

“Babe, come on, try these,” Jake whispered into Amanda’s ear, teeth clenched into a forced smile. “You’d love them.”

“Fuck you,” Amanda thought to herself, her eyes closed as she allowed the powerful sun to wash its energy and nutrients over her. “Your nightmare is just beginning.”


Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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