Taylor Swift Has Finally Proven She Can Be Vengeful

Taylor Swift

Deep down, I think we all knew that Taylor Swift was the kind of girl who would show up at your work and start yelling at you in front of your co-workers. Then when you try to calm her down, she’d scream even louder and say, “SEE! Do you all see how he’s trying to control me?!” Then pretty soon after, she’d ask if you two were still on for the weekend and you’d absolutely say yes.

Until now, we had very little proof of this part of her personality, though. Aside from some breakup songs and ballads, which, admittedly, aren’t much to go on (and are really kind of sweet, which is exactly how the supposedly injured-lamb Swift reels you in before making you put an entire Paris vacation down on your credit card), we just had to go ahead and assume that our suspicions were correct.

Suspicions confirmed! Now that Swift has yanked all of her music off of Spotify, we now know for a fact that she’s as vengeful as we thought. Maybe she’s protesting Spotify’s supposedly meager royalty fees paid to artists. Maybe she’s just upset that Spotify wore the wrong type of sweater while meeting Swift’s parents. Maybe she feels like toying with Spotify, just to see how it would react.

Well, now she knows that Spotify is the desperate ex, begging for her to come back in a sick, public display. Which is probably exactly what she wanted in the first place. She just wanted to make a scene, to exert her power over her spineless former partner. Spotify can probably expect a song about this breakup, but it might also be able to expect Swift to shave her head bald next and cryptically blame it on something Spotify did to her. Either that or mail back Spotify’s belongings in a box, covered in dog feces on the inside.

Steve DiMatteo

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