Argentinian Man Hailed as World’s Oldest

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ARGENTINA – Breaking the previous verified record by more than three years, an Argentinian man, Agustin Hernandez, has been declared the world’s oldest living person at the age of 125.

Emerging from his small, quiet home in a remote part of the Andes, where he has lived since 1945, Hernandez greeted reporters with a warm smile and commanding speaking voice. Though he has been the world’s oldest person for several years, and has even been aware of it (despite his seclusion, many admirers keep him abreast of world affairs), Hernandez only recently made his presence known.

“It is time the world knew I am here,” Hernandez said.

Born in Austria-Hungary in 1889 (though under a different name), Hernandez watched the world change shape during the 20th century, living through European economic crises, two World Wars, and the nuclear age. Following World War II, Hernandez left Europe for what he calls his “beloved Argentina,” a country which always interested him, and adopted both a new name and a new way of life.

“My life has been much simpler here,” Hernandez said. “It’s good to be away from the pressures of Europe, along with certain undesirable elements. But that’s not to say I’m not staying busy. I keep in touch with and advise many influential people. Many.”

During his youth, Hernandez says he held several political offices and excelled at public speaking. Since moving to Argentina, Hernandez has kept his interest in politics, forming the small but fiercely loyal group known as the National Argentinean Socialists, or informally, the Naazi Party. This group is his “life’s blood,” he says, and he’s delighted in its growth over time.

Hernandez’s work ethic may be surprising to some, but one look at the robust gentleman would sway any doubter. Though 125, the man looks hardly eighty, and still takes daily walks and swims when the weather permits.

Having outlived four wives, and being blessed with seven children, 19 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren, Hernandez says he’s had a “rich, full life,” but has no plans of stopping any time soon. When asked about his health, he gave a wry smile and said he’s in “superior form,” adding, “I could live to be 150, 160, easily. Just you watch.”

Hernandez has attributed his longevity to clean living, a vegetarian diet, and an unyielding hatred of the Jews.



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