Monster Week is Coming

Monster Week at Robot Butt

You open your eyes and you’re on a desolate moor. Fog rolls over the hills like the blood coming down the halls from the elevator in that one scene from The Shining. You hear a scream that sounds like it may have come from another dimension, hell, another planet, or something else entirely. You’re scared.

Blink, and now you’re lying in a graveyard that looks like it hasn’t seen foot traffic since the first release of Night of the Living Dead. Of course there’s a full moon hanging dangerously low in the sky. A noise hits you from around a corner- was that the sound of a coffin opening?
Blink again, you’re now falling down a mineshaft into an abyss so hollow you might as well consider it limitless. Then there’s a rumble from below your falling body. You’re falling onto something, and it is either not happy or hungry… probably both.
That’s when you blink, possibly for the last time, and there it is in front of you:


And you can’t take it anymore. The monsters take you. And boy, do you laugh.

The Robot Butt Staff

Author: The Robot Butt Staff

We're the Robot Butt staff, hired right after the experiment of typewriting monkeys went horribly wrong.

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