The ’90s Are Back, Now With Push Notifications

With Monica Lewinsky on Twitter, we took a look at ten other ’90s hits that could use a modern update.

1. Save time at the store by already knowing what you’re going to buy. Check out the new Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wardrobe app! Instantly add your favorite Fresh Prince outfits to a picture of you and know right away if you’re a Carlton or a Will.

Fresh Prince


2. Don’t wait a minute too long with the new Creepy Crawlers Countdown app. It lets you know exactly when your creepy crawlers are done setting so you don’t miss a minute of fun!

Creepy Crawelers


3. Feel like you’re a Friend with an interactive online Friends experience.



4. How many times have you driven all the way to Blockbuster only to find the movie you want isn’t there? Hit the rewind button on this frustrating situation with a website that lets you know if your favorite movie has already been checked out from your local video rental store.



5. A modern take on a classic TV gameshow, check out the all-new Supermarket Sweep, now known as Amazon Ambush.

Supermarket Sweep


6. Follow along with your favorite angel of mercy with this new Dr. Kavorkian scorecard app.

Dr. Kavorkian


7. You’re in the heat of battle, ducking behind a tree. You take a deep breath, pump your gun, turn and fire. That’s when you realize you Super Soaker is out of water. Never be in this situation again with the latest update to water warfare. A Super Soaker with a wifi connection! Now you can check your charge on your phone.

Super Soaker


8. Hop on the health bandwagon with new gluten free Dunkaroos.Dunkaroos


9. Finally answer the age old question, “where the in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” with this Google Maps Add-on.Carmen Sandiego


10. Can’t decide between Backstreet Boys and N’Sync? Finally you don’t have to with a Soundcloud account that mashes the two together. It’s hit-on-hit and hit-after-hit!backsync

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