Adventures in Horror: ‘Apartment 143’

In which Tim spends the month watching horror movies on Netflix and recaps them for your pleasure.

Paranormal Activity: But in an Apartment This Time begins when Father Of The Year hires a ghost-hunting crew to videotape and figure out what is causing all the supernatural hi-jinks going on in the apartment he lives in with his two Apartment 143children, a teenage girl and a little boy. The mother died for reasons that are kept mysterious for later payoff, because narrative!

The team gets to work investigating terrifying things such as Noises, Upside-Down Pictures, Tea Kettles That are Not on the Stove, and Computer Files That Have Been Deleted. Shit gets real when they force a ghost to materialize with the power of strobe lights. Except surprise! It’s not a ghost! It’s a poltergeist thing caused by the teenage girl, because she witnessed her dad beat her schizophrenic mom when he caught her in bed with another man, which then led to her driving her car into a tree and dying, because what these supernatural movies have been missing is convoluted soap opera drama that requires long, messy sentences to explain.

Eventually they calm the spirit down by having Father of The Year hold the daughter’s hand. The poltergeist is pleased, which leads to the biggest twist of the movie: This is a found-footage movie where no one dies.

Tim Gaydos

Author: Tim Gaydos

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