Prankster Convinces NBC to Air ‘A to Z’

NBC show A to Z actually going to premiere october 22

A prankster took a joke too far this week when he convinced top NBC executives to move forward with their planned October 22 premiere of A to Z.

Weeks ago when the pilot episode of A to Z first became available to stream online, audiences nationwide were delighted at how a prankster must have hoodwinked programming executives into paying for production. But when news came out that the precocious jokster was actually tricking these helpless programmers into airing a formulaic rom-com in their popular Thursday night lineup, people were left wondering if this behind-the-scenes comedian knows when enough is enough.

Update: In response to this article we received the following message from the prankster.

“I just want to apologize to everyone out there. I…I didn’t think it would go this far. I thought for sure someone would stop me at some point and tell me to get the hell off the premises. But it just never happened. I never really thought A to Z would make it this far. I mean, I forwarded that pilot script around as a joke, and I honestly thought everyone else was in on it. I know I’ll answer to God for this one day, and I only hope He can forgive me.”

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