Roger Goodell: I’m Positive the Video Went Straight to My Junk Mail

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, Email Account Owner

Saying that he never checks his email unless he hears an audible notification from his AOL account, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell swore that he had never seen the video of ex-Ravens player Ray Rice hitting his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

Goodell said he and his staff saw the first video of Rice dragging Janay Plamer’s body out of an elevavator back in February, and “suspected” there was another, but weren’t able to find it, despite refreshing his email account at least three times.

“We asked for it on multiple occasions,” Goodell said. “We asked law enforcement and they were not willing to help me look through my AOL account. I think they were under some legal requirements not to, as I understand it.”

After being confronted by reporters he added, “Oh here it is, it went straight to junk mail.”

Mr. Goodell added that usually his secretary makes sure he sees this sort of stuff, but that she’s been out for the last few months.

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