Excellent Rap Lyrics, Volume V: ‘Pimp Juice’ is the Most Tolerant Song of All Time

Pimp Juice

I stand by the notion that Nelly remains criminally underrated. And it’s largely because no one else is going around saying he should be considered for some sort of national monument, or at least a government holiday.

I say this for many reasons, but the biggest of which might be for his song “Pimp Juice,” which is truly the most tolerant song of all time.

To understand this declaration, we must first define what pimp juice actually is. Nelly’s song describes it as anything that attracts the opposite sex, be it “money, fame or straight intellect.” It’s very important to note that, while money and fame are certainly ideal pimp juice indicators, intelligence is right on par with them.

With that in mind, consider these lyrics from the song:

Pimp juice is color-blind

You find it work on all color, creeds and kinds

From ages 50 right down to nine.

Anyone – ANYONE – has the pimp juice within them, regardless of every other factor with which we have tried to marginalize each other through history. Nelly considers our history as a society and just scoffs, rising above hatred and every -ism you can think of to make it known that we are all unified by this mystical force. We may all come from different backgrounds. We may all have different ideas about each other or the world. But according to Nelly, we’re all the same in our capacity to hold and utilize pimp juice. In fact, Nelly even surmises that women could have MORE pimp juice than men, considering the juice in both their talk and walk.

And if you ever feel like you might not contain enough pimp juice, Nelly has even been nice enough to provide it to us in the form of a carbonated beverage.

Good work, Nelly. Today, we salute you. And some day, when we’ve all passed from this world, you will continue to be honored, and the idea of pimp juice will be taught to every child in every school around the world.



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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