The 20 Worst Comic-Con Panels and Booths of All Time

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Well, it was another great year for the San Diego Comic-Con, which has become a true beacon of popular culture. As we all learned once again, nerds will go crazy over any glimpse they can get at upcoming movies, comics and video games, and the way the creators of said entertainment are worshiped will surely bring about apocalyptic rage from the heavens. But who cares as long as we get to see Batman and Superman duke it out on screen before God smites us all.

Throughout the history of the event, though, not every panel or booth has been so well-received. Here, take a look at some past events at Comic-Con that didn’t go over so well:

  • Take a Swing at Adam West – TV’s Batman! (1998)
  • “Long, Hard Look in the Mirror” Booth (2005)
  • Meet and Greet With a Real Live Aquaman Fan! (1991)
  • From 4:00 – 10:00 p.m. in the East Grand Hall, watch After Earth with live commentary from Jaden Smith! Twice! (2013)
  • Panel With the Official Comic-Con Interns (1996)
  • Reasonable Sexual Expectations in Anime (1983)
  • Everyday Is Hell: An Interview With a Gotham Resident (2003)
  • A live cam of actual comic books on shelves being read by kids somewhere else, because they don’t have time for that at Comic-Con (2014)
  • Would Female Superheroes Be Better Off Fighting Naked? (1995)
  • Comic Con Logo SecondaryThe Cast of Growing Pains Asks Each Other Why They’re Here (2007)
  • 100 Reasons Why Zack Snyder is Totally Awesome, Hosted by Zack Snyder (2010)
  • East Wing, Booth #341 – Ask for an autograph and get a lot of attitude about it from Michael Biehn (1999)
  • David Cronenberg Mutilates a Part of Your Body for 20 Bucks (1996)
  • A panel of mothers defend their decisions to throw out “all those old comic books” (1978)
  • David Lynch Yells at You, Live! (1992)
  • Matt Groening breaks down on stage and just keeps saying, “I know… I know” (2004)
  • Alan Moore Dresses Up Like Swamp Thing and Chastises You for Liking Comic Books (2006)
  • The Best Aunt May Cosplay Competition (1995)
  • Ask the Dumbest Question You Can Think Of (2011)
  • Joke Writing With Chuck Lorre (2003)
  • Anatomy 101 with Rob Liefeld (2000)



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