Liveblog: The Professors Come to Visit!

9:34 am As you know, I’m still doing research for my first official Robot Butt article which is going to be all about the history of the company logo and the statue in the lobby. Last week I mentioned that some professors from KSU were going to come by the office today to take a look at the writing on the leg of the robot statue in the lobby here. Well, it’s just so exciting to have them here, I decided I’d do a live blog post through the day to keep everyone updated on their visit.

10:06 am The professors just got here. We’ve got Dr. Ernie Green, professor of linguistics and language development; Dr. Sonja Parker, specialist in ancient Central American civilizations and language; and Dr. Jack Bryant, an expert of the archeology and art work of Mexico and Central America, along with his grad student, Casey Williams.

10:30 am We’re standing in the lobby now and the docs are taking a closer look at the statue. They seem impressed!

10:34 am Bleck! Things were just about to get interesting and of course here comes the CEO to make chit-chat with the guests. B(

11:35 am The CEO is still here talking at us. Unreal.

12:15 pm And now I guess it’s time for a lunch break.

1:00 pm Ok, back to business. The professors are looking at the robot statue now and it seems like they’re making some real progress! They’re huddled close around the base of the statue talking to each other. I’m going to try and get a quick update from one of them now.

1:10 pm “Ive got to admit this is one of the most intriguing finds I’ve ever come across,” says Dr. Bryant, “First of all, I can tell you this statue is the real deal. It’s a genuine Aztec artifact, at least 500 years old. In fact, if I’m not mistaken I believe that this statue is referenced in a number of ancient temple texts, though from the descriptions there, it makes it seem like this is a living being. It’s possible this statue is representative of an ancient god.”

2:35 pm The professors have been standing around talking to each other for the last hour only taking breaks to make frantic phone calls.

5:00 pm Hours of watching them make notes and check things on their laptops.

5:30 pm The CEO just came by, “Well team, looks like it’s quitting time. Think you’ll be heading home soon?” Professor Green is asking to stay late to keep researching for awhile. CEO: “Of course you can stay, but I’d really encourage you to just head out now. You’d hate to get stuck in traffic. Plus I can’t make any promises about what happens at this office after everyone leaves…in the dead of night.” Everyone was silent for a second, and the CEO cracked a big smile, “I’m kidding guys! Stay as late you need to!”

7:20 pm I decided to stay late with Dr. Green. It’s just the two of us in the office now, and he’s totally absorbed in looking at this robot statue. I don’t want to say I’m regretting staying late at the office, but oh man is this dull.

9:20 pm Something really weird is happening. Dr. Green is standing way too still, sweating like, a ton, and mumbling something under his breath.

9:25 pm Ok, he’s definitely repeating that phrase written on the robot “Xontlato itenotzaliz –Yaotl- ahuiz haulquizaz atlacatl.”

9:27 pm Holy shit. All the lights just went out and Dr. Green is still chanting that phrase to himself. My phone is still working though.

10:00 pm Where is Dr. Green? The power’s back on, but I can’t find him anywhere. I swear I heard a sound like lightning striking inside the building? But maybe I’m going crazy because the night janitor didn’t hear anything. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued sweeping up a pile of dust in front of the robot statue. Maybe Dr. Green left when the power went out. I’ll ask him tomorrow. Still – super weird, right?


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Author: Amanda

I just finished my junior year as a journalism student at Kentucky State University, and I'm looking forward to learning all I can about the publishing industry here at Robot Butt.

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