100 Words or Less: On Flights Lacking Wi-Fi

There was supposed to be Wi-Fi on my flight, so I didn’t bring anything non-electronic to do. Spoiler: no Wi-Fi. Computers aren’t nearly as useful when you’re not online.

I decided to jot down a few thoughts, as an experiment to see where the mind can go when not over stimulated:

  • Airplanes sans Wi-Fi are modern sensory deprivation chambers.
  • Wanted to make a Jetsons joke about the moving sidewalks, but couldn’t remember enough about the show. Tried to Google it out of habit.
  • Seinfeld has a moving sidewalk joke. Bastard.
  • Would “Zero Class” be above or below “First Class”?
Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.34.49 AM

I made this awful drawing of a robot in Excel out of boredom.

B. Joseph Jackson

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