Black Guy Less Scary as Ghost

Black Guy Less Scary as Ghost

BOSTON, Mass. – With a sigh of relief, Jayni Smith called her run in with the ghost of a black man a “close call.”

Jayni was all alone, on the way back to her car after a dinner party with some old friends when it happened.

“I saw this black guy coming towards me so I dialed 911 on my phone, just in case,” she said. “Then I realized he was just a ghost and like, what’s a ghost going to do with my purse?”

Explaining that she would usually pull out a can of pepper spray, or at the very least cross to the other side of the street, Jayni said that once she saw it was nothing more than the restless shade of a once-living man she realized she had nothing to worry about.

“Once I realized that it was a spectre from a nether-realm I just pretended to be on my phone just in case he wanted to ask me for money or something.”



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