Comedian Won’t Stop Talking


Glancing at his watch, it slowly began to dawn on comedy show audience member Richard Johnson that coming to this show may have been the biggest mistake of his life. With a growing sense of unease, he started to wonder just what he had gotten himself into when he bought tickets to the Zane Boren Comedy Special at the local comedy club, the Tickle Factory.

At first, everything had seemed wonderful. Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with his fiancee Stacie had been phenomenal, and the two couldn’t wait to get through the meal and over to the comedy show.

Walking into the club, things seemed to go from good to great as they noticed that the drinks were reasonably priced, and the dinner theater-style seating made them feel like they were in a film straight out of the ’50s.

But then things began to unravel. Without even a warm-up act, comedian Zane Boren strode out onto the stage and started to speak.

And speak.

And speak.

And now – it seemed like he might never stop.

Leading with a story about his mother’s trouble operating a smartphone, then switching over to a rambling tale about the difficulties of the dating world, the joke-teller-turned-talking-machine had yet to stop flapping his lips for even a second.

“Surely,” Richard thought to himself, “this man will have to take a break to go to the bathroom, or even just stop for a second to take a sip of water.”

“I mean, Christ, we must be three hours into this show by now. How much longer can it go?”

Turning to his fiancee to make a snide comment about the comedy routine, it suddenly didn’t seem to matter anymore, as Richard’s world started to crash down around him. With a horror he had never known before, he realized that Stacie, his one true love, was laughing her head off at the tired antics of the modern-day clown on stage.

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