‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is a Terrible Title

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

The title for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel will be Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Obvious Justice League set-up aside, the title is just…lame. It feels like the title to an offshoot video game, not what is supposed to be one of the biggest, most anticipated movies of all time.

Plus, it lends itself to jokes like this:

Batman V Superman: Lawn of Justice – Aging superheroes fight the young children of the neighborhood who love messing up everyone’s gardens

Batman V Superman: Yawn of Justice – Batman and Superman are babies in this delightful romp about who can stay awake the longest in their crib

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – A melodrama about Batman and Superman’s first year of law school; tensions are high and friendships are put to the test as both superheroes simply try to stay afloat in the quest to land at a respectable firm.

Superman V Batman by itself was never a good title, and now we’ll be subjected to this. We were never meant to have anything nice in life.

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Steve DiMatteo

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