Manager Holds Impromptu Meeting, Penis At Urinal

Urinal Manager

Naperville, IL – Nick Sanchez, an employee of Careholdings, Inc. was caught off-guard in the bathroom today when he found himself stuck in the middle of an impromptu business meeting as his manager, Tad Reynolds, sidled up to the urinal next to him.

Unzipping his trousers and beginning to audibly urinate, Reynolds turned to a horrified Sanchez and launched into a discussion about the state of the company and their department.

“Our numbers aren’t looking so great this quarter,” Reynolds said, while holding his wild turkey with a firm, but comfortable grip.

“And I’m a little worried about the marketing department’s last campaign,” added Reynolds, Johnson in hand.

Grasping his flaccid and urine-pumping rod, Reynolds also queried, “Any thoughts on this upcoming merger?”

Overcoming his initial shock and with a face of grim determination, Sanchez managed to respond, “Oh…yeah.”

Shaking off his last few golden yellow drops, Reynolds calmly tucked his meat tube away, zipped up and began to head back to his desk.


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