Link-Sharing Protocol, Version 3.0: You’re Not That Funny, Chicago

Chicago was recently named America’s funniest city, thanks to a study by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Rounding out the top ten were Boston, Atlanta, Washington, Portland, Ore., New York, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle.

Research suggested that because Chicago residents make jokes about the weather, that automatically makes them the funniest. This is why CBS rules the comedy world right now. America can’t be trusted to figure out what’s funny.

Chicago Skyline

  • It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that DMX used the lowest number of unique words within his first 35,000 lyrics. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to still love him the most.
  • The world undoubtedly needs more R-rated animated films. I don’t care if they’re really trying to skewer Pixar and Disney, but Sausage Party still sounds like it’s the animated movie we’ve been waiting for.
  • No matter what you think about Saturday Night Live, there is always at least one sketch per show that kills. Last weekend, it was “The Beygency.”
  • Suge Knight says that Tupac is still alive, just chilling on an island somewhere. You’re really going to doubt him?
  • Revenge of the Nerds is now 30 years old, so check out this interview with Booger. The best part is that there is a discussion about Method acting and the essence of the character. A character named Booger.

  • As you should know by now, Mean Girls just hit its tenth anniversary. It’s one of the best comedies of the 2000’s, and a lot of it entered the zeitgeist, so maybe it’s no surprise that Popular Science discovered just how much scientists love the movie.
  • Neighbors opens this week and it has already garnered plenty of positive reviews. Now that we’ve gotten through yet another weekend with a superhero release, it’s time to welcome the first blockbuster comedy of the summer.

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