China is Banning ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Order to Create a Utopian Society

The Big Bang Theory

Some might see this as China at its worst, stifling freedom by banning its citizens from seeing certain American television shows.

Except when one of those shows is The Big Bang Theory.

Clearly, the Chinese government sees what a black hole of comedy this seemingly endless sitcom is, and it finally decided to take action., which had the exclusive online broadcast rights to The Big Bang Theory in China, was given instructions to remove the show, along with a handful of others, including The Good Wife, NCIS and The Practice.

While it’s unclear why the Chinese would ban the other shows – surely they have their reasons – the decision to ban The Big Bang Theory stems from the brave choice to operate in a society that isn’t plagued by Sheldon Cooper. Most importantly, it is now obvious that China is trying to create its own utopian society, and the first step in making that happen is banning a lazy multi-camera sitcom that cranks the laugh track up to what should be an illegal degree.

Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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