The Robot Butt Link-Sharing Protocol, Version 2.0: The Brooklyn Cyclones are Saluting ‘Seinfeld’

The Brooklyn Cyclones, the New York Mets’ Single-A affiliate, will be holding a “Seinfeld Night” on July 5 that will feature a Keith Hernandez bobblehead, based on the arc in which Jerry debunks Kramer and Newman’s claims of Hernandez spitting a “magic loogie” at them. The best part of the night? Cyclones players will wear puffy shirts during batting practice.

Keith Hernandez Bobblehead

  • The marketing blitz for Neighbors has begun, and so far it’s very inspired. As of now, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron have had a misunderstanding with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and applied for jobs with the guys from Workaholics.
  • In all of its manic wisdom, Domino’s has decided to attack the United States with pizza that contains a breaded chicken crust. Called “Specialty Chicken,” remember that while this may sound pretty good, this is Domino’s we’re talking about.
  • Here is the red band trailer for the Elizabeth Banks comedy, Walk of Shame. Putting aside some pretty serious questions about the logic of this plot, it could be a fun one that really showcases Banks’ comedic talent.
  • In case you forgot about it, we’re here to remind you of the greatest home run call in baseball history.
  • Mr. Met was once this close to being assassinated by the Secret Service.
  • Maya Rudolph has a variety show coming to NBC on May 19 at 10 p.m. Kristen Bell, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Craig Robinson, Sean Hayes and Chris Parnell will all be pitching in to help her potentially turn this special into a pilot for an ongoing series. Janelle Monáe will be the musical guest and Raphael Saaddiq will be the bandleader. Naturally, Lorne Michaels is executive producing the special, which means it actually has a chance to live on after one night.
  • Apparently, new dads have an increased risk of depression, likely because the consequence (or consequences for the unlucky few) to their actions – while fun at the time – has now fully exposed itself at this point. According to the study, around five to ten percent of fathers deal with this, and all of them are looking for their next chance to “go out for a pack of smokes.”

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