Metal Band Messiah Bloodbath Plays Surprise Show at Local Children’s Hospital

Bloody KidMessiah Bloodbath, one of the world’s most famous death metal bands, took a break from its 50-city tour to surprise patients at the local children’s hospital on Wednesday.

Playing such hits and fan favorites as “The Merciless Reign of Satan,” “Frozen in Flames,” “Eternal Bloodlust,” “Goathead Destroyer,” “Demon Thirst,” “Soul Sewn Shut,” “Unrelenting Suffering from the Grave,” “Death Thrasher,” “Satan’s Eternal Slave” and more, Messiah Bloodbath played a two-hour set that certainly brought joy to all of the children in the ICU.

“We just want to give back to the community,” said lead guitarist James Page, who goes by ‘Annihilator of the Damned’ on stage. “To entertain and, hopefully, bring smiles to those who have already gone through so much…that’s what it’s all about.”

At one point during the set, Page even unleashed the band’s signature on-stage stunt, which is to spray goat blood all over the audience with a fire hose.

Messiah Bloodbath

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