Here are Some Better Ways for Archie Andrews to Die

Like many other comic characters, Archie Andrews is about to meet his maker.

In Life with Archie, a series that follows the Riverdale crew as adults, Archie will be killed, sacrificing himself to save the life of a friend.Archie Death

That’s noble and all (i.e. boring), but here are some better ways in which Archie could bite the dust:

  • Jughead puts Archie through a Saw-esque torture maze in a fit of jealous, unhinged rage
  • Unable to ever truly decide between Betty and Veronica, Archie decides to drive his car off a cliff “just to feel something definitive” for the first time in his life
  • Veronica – mad about him not buying her shoes or something – injects Archie with a slow-acting poison that slowly destroys him from the inside
  • Archie gets into a bad situation with the mob by being unable to pay off a hefty gambling debt; in response, the mob beheads Archie and delivers the aftermath to Betty
  • A radioactive blast gives Archie superhuman powers, but the powers soon take over his mind and he murders millions; as he regains control of his brain and the guilt becomes unbearable, Archie kills himself by flying into the sun
  • Archie joins the military and dies needlessly in basic weapons training, when he panics and doesn’t throw a grenade in time
  • Archie and Jughead get into a brutal, merciless fight and – yada, yada, yada – Archie ends up getting life in prison, eventually dying in a riot between rival gangs.
  • Archie is simply mauled by a pack of wolves

I don’t know, we’re just spit-balling here. But if you wanted to give Archie the ultimate, memorable death that this iconic character deserves, these ideas seem like a good start.

Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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