Please Make This Nightmare End

Concrete Wall

The last picture I was able to take with my phone.

I wish I had some good news for you, but things only continue to get worse and, despite my intense embarrassment, I feel I must confess something.

I have been stuck in the Robot Butt office since I last wrote on Friday afternoon. After that post, I packed up my things and tried to leave, but the door was locked – from the outside. As I grew desperate to get out, I pulled harder and harder on the doorknob, only to see it break off from the door.

However, it left a hole in the door that I thought would allow me to see into the hallway and maybe call for help from one of the cleaning people. But…this is what I just don’t understand. When I looked through the hole where the knob had been, there was nothing but a concrete wall. After I found a hammer in the office, I was able to break the door off its hinges and confirm that I wasn’t just imagining something.

There is a fully completed concrete wall in place where the entrance to the hallway used to be. It was also the only exit out of this office. How could they – whoever “they” are –  possibly build this wall on Friday while I was still in here?

It is now Monday and I’ve been screaming to the people on the streets below, pounding on the windows, which are now also somehow sealed shut. Did I never notice that? Did anyone ever have a window open in their office? We are, after all, on the 25th floor, but nothing seems to be adding up anymore.

My cell phone died and when I tried to charge the battery, the screen flickered and began to make a bizarre grinding noise before shutting down for good. And the only site I can visit on the Internet is this one. So I’m writing this post on the Robot Butt blog to plead with anyone out there to help me.

I’m willing to admit how scared I am.


Author: Jeremy

Junior at Northwestern. Robot Butt intern. Chasing my dream!

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