This Internship Isn’t Exactly Going as Planned

Frustrated JeremyI don’t know what else I can do.

I come to this office each and every day, hoping – praying – that someone else will be there, someone to tell me that the management meetings were great and the future of Robot Butt is so bright.

But it’s just me – it’s always just me. Every room in the office is devoid of people, though many personal belongings have been left behind. Obviously, I know that the other writers are still writing and updating the site, but they haven’t been to the office in weeks. Were they told not to come to the office? If something did happen to them, who is updating the site?

I was never given any administrative access to the site, so there is no way I can do anything to help should the content stop coming at all. I fear that if that happens, I will have to accept the consequences and face a harder time than ever getting into this industry.

My advisers at Northwestern have been contacting me, asking for an update on my internship. But what can I possibly tell them? If I get kicked out of the internship, I could lose my scholarship.

I just need to go home this weekend and sort out everything that’s going on in my mind. I’m probably just getting worked up over nothing.

But again, if anyone from the Robot Butt team is reading this, please know that I’m doing everything I can.


Author: Jeremy

Junior at Northwestern. Robot Butt intern. Chasing my dream!

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