Is Kathryn Janeway’s Future With Starfleet Now in Jeopardy?

Captain Janeway

Recently, Kathryn Janeway, who will go on to become the captain of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager in the 2370s, lent her voice talents to a documentary that suggests Earth is, in fact, the center of the universe and everything else revolves around it.

While she still has hundreds of years to make up for such an egregious error, there is still the chance that this could alter the very course of history and lead to Starfleet rejecting Janeway altogether.

Janeway, under the assumed name of Kate Mulgrew, has naturally apologized for her mistake, but who knows if the damage has already been done and the very fate of our universe – which, of course, is not geocentric – could be at risk.

I suppose we’ll have our answer if we end up enslaved by the Klingons.



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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