Governor Peanuts Rebuffs Clemency Board in Banana Thief Case

Governor Peanuts

Gov. Peanuts does not want Coco Sillybuns released from prison.

It was a cold, clear night in 1998 when forty-five crates of top-grade bananas went missing from the state banana reserve. Five months later, Mr. Coco M. Sillybuns was behind bars, where he’s been for the last 16 years.

Then, in 2007, Mr. Sillybuns heard from a lawyer who has been looking into the case. Due to new evidence that had come up, Mr. Sillybuns’ case was going to the state’s clemency board for consideration.

Finally, last week the board made a ruling.

“Due to some very moving testimony, and a considerable amount of new evidence, we have no choice but to consider this case a miscarriage of justice,” said a representative of the board. The final decision was a unanimous vote to have Mr. Sillybuns be freed.

But Mr. Sillybuns remains in prison, and his final sentence of death will go through as scheduled. Governor Peanuts won’t explain why, but he has decided to refuse Mr. Sillybuns’ petition of clemency, as well as the board’s recommendation.




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