Local Man Pretty Sure He Figured Out Jurassic Park’s System Flaws

A man watching the 1993 action/thriller film Jurassic Park reported that if he was in charge, things would have turned out differently.

“It was that Nedry guy,” said a confident Jeff Baker, as he momentarily glanced away from his television screen. “Hammond keeps saying they ‘spared no expense,’ but if that’s true, then why hire the lowest bidder for a key staff position?”

“Plus, why even have carnivores?  They’re just going to make trouble,” Mr. Baker said, “What they should have done is start with herbivores, then add the more dangerous dinosaurs later.”

Turning back to the TV, he added, “If they just let me run the place, I know I could make it work.”

Watching Jurassic Park

Jeff Baker, Audience Member



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Author: Robot Butt News Corp.

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